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October 2014
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2014 Fort Gibson football Intro Video
Fort Gibson vs Hilldale Max Preps Highlight Video
FTG 1st Scrimmage vs Wagoner and Pryor
2013 Midnight practice
2012 Fort Gibson Tiger Pre-Game Video
2012 Fort Gibson v Oologah Pre-Game Video
FTG Downs Metro Christian
Author: Mike Kays
FORT GIBSON — Out of a 14-0 hole, Chris Walker, assisted by a nice surrounding cast of blocking, carried the second-ranked Fort Gibson Tigers on his shoulders to undisputed possession of the District 4A-4 lead Thursday night at Leo Donahue-Tiger
Tiger Growl in Rain
Author: Tommy Cobb
By TOMMY COBB / Phoenix Correspondent FORT GIBSON – It was an unusual night at Fort Gibson’s homecoming Friday. Rain forced pregame homecoming ceremonies indoors, fans were somewhat subdued, and the Tigers were once again without their startin
Starting QB returns and Fort Gibson keeps record perfect
Author: Brad Reesing
ROKEN BOW – If his knee holds up, October may be a month to remember for J.R. Singleton. The Fort Gibson senior got off to a good start by leading his Tigers to a 42-12 district victory at Broken Bow Friday night. Sidelined since the season opene
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James Singleton just posted a news article FTG Downs Metro Christian
James Singleton entered latest scores, check them here new scores
James Singleton just posted a news article Tiger Growl in Rain
James Singleton entered latest scores, check them here new scores
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