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August 2015
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2014 NWO Intro Video
Max Preps Rivalry Series: Fort Gibson vs Hilldale 2014
2014 Fort Gibson football Intro Video
Fort Gibson vs Hilldale Max Preps Highlight Video
FTG 1st Scrimmage vs Wagoner and Pryor
2013 Midnight practice
2012 Fort Gibson Tiger Pre-Game Video
2012 Fort Gibson v Oologah Pre-Game Video
New-look Tigers put offense on display in first scrimmage
Author: By Eric Shannon Phoenix Correspondent
FORT GIBSON – It has been four seasons since someone other than J.R. Singleton or Jordan London took the snaps behind center for the Fort Gibson Tigers, full time that is. With the former signal-callers off playing sports at the next level, it leaves
Fort Gibson season ended by Oologah
Author: Eric Shannon
SAPULPA – Football is a game of inches. And Fort Gibson’s perfect record hung in the balance of inches all season long. A few bounces here and there, a few fingertip catches or a few tipped passes and the Tigers could’ve easily been fighting for a p
Fort Gibson's Moves on to Semi's
Author: shelia Haynes
SAPULPFORT GIBSON — Fort Gibson rode its defense — led by McKenna Terrell — to a 40-7 victory over Newcastle in the Class 4A quarterfinals at Leo Donahue Stadium on Friday night. Terrell, a senior, recorded four sacks and continuously brought pres
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